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Personal Training for Women

I have no formula. I think fitness is more of a combination of art form and science, rather than straight physiology.

I don't do cookie cutter workouts or eating plans. Every woman has a different body, different goals, and a different starting point. There is no "workout of the day" or meal plan. We start from where you are and improve from there.

I focus much more on the aspects that are deeper than physical and apply that to help my clients get results. It's rare that I meet a woman who isn't in love with her body simply because chips taste good and running is hard. I help clients figure out in which ways they've been ignoring their body and health and then craft strategies to help them start paying attention.

I don't bother with contracts or commitments. Clients are welcome to pay per session, week, month, whatever works for them and their budget. If every time you visit me it doesn't convince you it is worth it to come back I haven't really done my job and you shouldn't be stuck at my gym by default.

The thing I love most about my job is the day a woman walks into the gym and tells me about something she just did for the first time in a long time or the first time ever: I wore a belt; I ran 4 miles; I bought a size 8; I woke up pain free. And it's rarely the reason she started training in the first place. 

 Carolyn Lyons

Founder, Wild Girl Wellness

Fitness Philosophy

I don't believe in cheat meals. I believe sometimes you eat healthy food, sometimes you eat not so healthy food. You don't have to name it.

I don't believe there's a "one-size-fits-all" training plan that works. I'm gonna pick up heavy stuff and go for a run. If you're gonna take Zumba and meditate, cool, lets high five over a salad later for 2 jobs well done.

I don't believe you need to eat salad to be healthy.

I don't believe in any particular eating plan. Eat less junk. Eat more good stuff. Keep tweaking til you look and feel the way you wanna look and feel.

I don't believe in cardio for fat loss. I also don't not believe in cardio for fat loss.

I don't believe you need a single supplement to lose weight or be healthy. That being said, I'm on a first-name basis with the employees at every Hi Health within a 6 miles radius of my house and work.

I don't believe you need to give up your girliness to be a badass in the gym. I very carefully select my toenail polish before every sweaty, disgusting race. I often sling around hundreds of pounds while rocking hot pink. Sometimes with a glitter headband.

I don't believe your gym clothes need to be from lulu in order for you to look like you belong in the gym. Most of mine are from Target, some are pjs, some are men's 3-pack beaters. Lulu stuff is *really pretty* tho, so if you love it, wear it.

I don't believe Crossfit is the answer. I don't believe Crossfit is the devil either.

I don't believe you ever need to don a race bib to be a "real" runner. I also don't believe you need to run a specific pace or "long enough" distance. If you run, you're probably a runner.

I don't believe "strong is the new skinny." I believe memes have replaced just skinny with skinny plus muscles. I, personally, like lean plus muscles and some curve. You might like skinny as hell. Or curvy. Or huge muscles everywhere. Whatever. It's cool.

I don't believe we are doing a service to women when we "embrace our curves," regardless of how unhealthy those "curves" may be. I believe we should be able to look and feel however we want to look and feel and we should (try to) love every inch of our bodies no matter how many inches there are. But if your extra inches are leading to inevitable heart disease, cancer, knee replacements, and diabetes it is time to wake up and realize acceptance for Beyonce's curves is not license to multiply that 3-fold and live an unhealthy life.

I don't believe any workout is possible without the right soundtrack.

I don't believe most women will ever figure out how to feel empowered unless they are comfortable in their own skin.

I'm by no means a man hater or anti-men, I just think they've, for the most part, already figured out how to tap into their empowerment and it's our turn to catch up.

I don't believe that a life free from martinis and cookies would be a life worth living, regardless of whether I could see my abs every day or not. If you do, eat your lean proteins and veggies and post lots of pics, 'cause I love to admire other ladies' hard work.

I don't believe I ever would have gotten into muscles, and therefore the fitness industry, were it not for She-Ra, Sporty Spice or Terminator 2.

I don't believe enough people focus on glute training, either for aesthetics or for alignment health. If your back or your knees hurt, you need more glute. Squatting is great but it won't alone build great glutes.

I don't believe any previous generation was capable of being as inspirational a set of role models for young girls (and boys!) as we are. We can also be far, far worse. Let's make a conscious choice.

I don't believe Diet Dr. Pepper does anything besides get me a few seconds closer to death. And deep, deep depths of satisfaction. So I still drink it, but only out of a can 'cause it tastes like crap in the plastic bottle.

I don't believe there is any feeling as empowering as deadlifting a bar that is heavier than anything you could have ever dreamed you could. And I don't think I've ever watched a physical transformation happen more rapidly, in countless women, than in the mere seconds it takes to pick up a bar and set it back down with the realization that not only are you now stronger than you thought you were, but you've probably always been stronger than that suffocatingly imagined girl. 


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